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AutoBlogger - Autoblogging Software Designed For Blogspot Blogger

AutoBlogger - Autoblogging Software Designed For

AutoBlogger - Autoblogging Software Designed For Blogspot Blogger

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Price: $9.99 USD
Category: Development » PHP
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Added On: 7/8/2010  
Seller: marco (Member Since: 10/01/2009) - marco's download store

Download Description

Once upon a time in blogging, a blogger had to manually write every blog post and manually add them to their blog.  That was a time consuming ordeal that left many bloggers frustrated over trying to find a topic to write about and the amount of hours they have lost from their personal lives as the result of blogging. 

That was then...

The days of writing individual blog posts are over.  Welcome to the Set it and Forget It era of blogging.

We are proud to introduce AutoBlogger. 

AutoBlogger is a script that allows you to set up your blogs in the Blogger platform, add your feeds, and optional affiliate links, and PRESTO!! You"ll have a blog that will grow day by day with fresh content that you will not have to write at all.  Add your adsense code to your profitable niche and watch your autoblog generate you residual income as they grow naturally day by day.  Naturally growing blogs get indexed faster and are revisited more often. 

Plus because Blogger is a Google product you"ll find your blogs being favored in Google"s search results over websites of similar topics.   

 - The easy to use control panel allows you quick access and organization of your blogs, feeds and affiliate campaigns.

 - Simple push button operation allows you to send any listed feed to any blog. 

 - Promote your affiliate link on 1 or all your managed blogs.

 - Blogs can use up to 5 feed sources for blog posts.

 - Option to use partial or full feeds for blog posts.

 - Specialized script doesn"t send the entire feed to your blog as a single post rather it seperates each item in the feed into a seperate blog posts.

 - Option to limit the number of feed entries to submit to your blogs each time the script is run.

 - Easy and straightforward to set up and use.

 - Manage unlimited number of blogs, feeds, and affiliate links.

 - Designed specifically for but can be used on any blogging platform that allows for email based blog post submissions.

 - Because it"s for expect your blogs to get indexed faster, have higher pagerank, and have higher paying adsense ads because Google shows favoritism towards its own brands.

 - Doesn"t send undesirable feed garbage to your blog so no need to waste time editing the auto posting (that would defeat the purpose of this, right?)

 - AutoBlogger uses CRON jobs to do the blog posting for you, but don"t worry we still leave you the option to send automatic posts to all your blogs with 1 mouse click.

AutoBlogger DOES NOT come with Resale Rights - You are not allowed to sell or give away this script!

You can use this script for freelancing as an autoblog management service on sites such as, and

Note: This script is not intended to be used as a normal website that accepts user sign ups. 

There is only 1 user account (admin) that manages all blogs, feeds, affiliate links, etc.

This script can be installed in the root of your domain, in a sub-domain, or folder.

Requirements: account (free)
PHP/MySQL with CRON and Mail() capability (Link included to compatible free webhosting)

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Buy It Now! $9.99 USD

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